001. Meet the guest, Roger!

ReleasedJul 13, 2015

Warnings: Possible spoilers on Top 3 games. In our first episode of NPC Talk, we start our grassroots conversation with Roger.  Starting off strong

with a lot plans for the future, we don't have a theme song let alone a name for the podcast quite yet.  Roger decisively starts our radio show with a high standard with some

astounding analysis of his Top 3, which as we learn is not a definite list, but rather a notable mention of some of our guests' top games.  Funnily enough, we wanted to start the

show with the Top 5, but 3 ended up being a much more reasonable number.  Roger's Top 3 games are: Super Metroid, Metal Gear Solid (series), and Guilty Gear (emphasis

on Guity Gear XX #Reload).  To this day, I am still awestruck by his perspective of these games (especially MGS2, which he explains why the mass view, such as my own, is

misconstrued) and Roger continues to prove he's a true gamer at heart. Recording Date: 05-30- 2015

Recorded: 30 May 2015
Featured Segments: Video Games, NPC Talk