002. Meet the guest, Trevor!

ReleasedJul 15, 2015

Warnings: Possible spoilers on Top 3 games. Here on Episode 2 of our newly named podcast NPC Talk, we have another new guest Trevor (also

later referred to as Zirc, but the same person!).  We also have a new intro and outro song for the podcast, written by yours truly (me).  In this episode, Trevor discusses some of

his Top 3 games, which are: Chrono Trigger, Jet Set Radio, and Mirror's Edge.  As we dive further into the podcast and star different guests, we start seeing the variances in

what people value in games, as well as many interesting similarities.  One thing I found really neat about Trevor's specific Top 3 is his focus on games that have incredibly

strong ties to their core theme or idea. These games tend to do really well against the test of time and create a special level of immersion that many other games cannot

compare.  Trevor, along with his spot on analysis, articulates his thoughts very clearly, and has a lovely voice to boot.  Speaking of which, quality upgrades and fixes are a never

ending process, but are definitely under construction for this episode.  Great to have Trevor on the show, and we will definitely hear from him again! Recording date: 06-04- 2015

Recorded: 4 June 2015
Featured Segments: Video Games, NPC Talk