003. Meet the guest, Anthony!

ReleasedJul 16, 2015

Warnings: Possible spoilers on Top 3 games. On Episode 3 of NPC Talk, we bring in Anthony, the third member (after me and Roger) of our four man

co-op gaming crew.  With sound quality slowly becoming more normalized, our podcast still suffered from being underground.  The episodes were being hosted by Tumblr,

which meant that they were uploaded at a low 24kbps (sometimes even 16) to fit the memory restrictions. They did offer an excellent play counter for the embedded player,

something which I could not find a suitable replacement for when switching to Wordpress, although I'm sure there's a good one out there somewhere (or maybe one day I'll code

my own).  In any case, Anthony reminisces on his Top 3: Pokemon (Red/Blue), Goldeneye, and Final Fantasy Tactics.  One thing I enjoy about Anthony's view on games is the

personal connection he has with the games he plays.  Traversing down memory lane, Anthony describes the impact that many of these games have on not only his life, but on

society and the gaming world as well.  It's cool because he uses this connection to relate to other people and their own experiences in gaming, giving his thoughts on gaming a

much more personal touch.  Thanks for coming on, Anthony, and we will definitely hear from you soon! Recording date: 06-22- 2015

Recorded: 22 June 2015
Featured Segments: Video Games, NPC Talk